Inthai’s style

Contemporary and timeless. Away from compulsive tendencies and ephemeral from the trends. This is how Inthai is. A style that gives a lot of importance to the sensations and attention to the details.

Our furniture and objects have a really clear multicultural influence that inspire especially elegance and sobriety. This approach makes Inthai a brand that is perfectly suited to any type of decorative project.

At Inthai, excellence has always been sought piece by piece, each one evoking a universe of its own. That’s why special emphasis has been placed on details, proportions, finishes and where the sum of all this makes each piece unique and timeless.

Many times we found that when an object it’s taken away from an ambient the object loose part of its value, it loses its location and it is appreciated that it is out of context.

Inthai’s pieces have a value by themselves and create style regardless of their current or future location.

Despite everything Inthai has not been oblivious to trends, the time frame where we have created or selected a piece of furniture or an object has always been important, it is not a signature of classics, but contemporary classics.

So our motto has always been:

“The complement to the contemporary”

Inthai’s history

In 1892 Pedro Mur found a small business about restore and sale of second hand furniture in the Raval district of Barcelona. During his trips around Europe specially Hamburg and Paris, he discovered other materials and natural fibers as grids or reeds from Malacca or Manila, and he started to import and distribute to basket and furniture manufacturers.

In 1926 his niece Marta Valls continued the business and years later her sons Miguel and Pedro Mas expanded horizons, in the decade of 1960 they selected and imported the best raw products from the Southeast Asian providing to the Spanish furniture market a new range of possibilities.

In middle 70’s the appreciation of interior designers and international decoration firms for a more evocative type of interior design begins to be notable, and the great European and North American decoration houses use more natural materials to create interiors, they open up to the mix of styles and are combined with pieces of decoration from other corners of the planet, mainly from Asia.

In 1976 Miguel Mas together with two successful interior designers based in Barcelona created the Inthai brand to supply the Spanish market with pieces with a strong Asian accent: Chinese bamboo tables, Philippine Buri Peacock Lounge Chairs, terracotta and wood carving figures, all kind of baskets that were turned into beautiful lamps. Finally in 1978 the first 24 ceiling fans were produced for a restaurant in the upper area of Barcelona.

By this time Inthai begins to show off in national furniture fairs with a very good response of the professional buyers, but its until 1981 that begins a strong Comercial push with a renovated team and products.

In the 90’s decade begins the continental expansion of the brand in the most important fairs of Europe especially in France, England, Germany and Italy. Inthai has received all kind of awards and recognition for a collection of furniture, lamps and timeless accessories.